Advanced Investment Strategy

AIS CoverThe Advanced Investment Strategy (“AIS”) is a way to organise and manage your FUND INVESTMENTS to maximise your risk/reward position.

The methodology has been working on client fund portfolios for the past 21 years and has highly impressive results, through all types of market conditions.

The principles behind the AIS can be applied to any fund portfolio whether this is in a pension, ISA, ordinary funds or a mix of any of these.

The AIS covers and includes:

  • Identifying the right risk rated funds for you to use;
  • How to mix these funds into the right proportions and create the optimum risk/rated portfolio;
  • How to manage the position and when to make changes in the future


If you are a fund investor please remember that even small differences to future returns can make sizable differences to the amount of money you will have accumulated in your fund value in the longer term. Money for you and your family.

Our “Guide to the AIS” is available for you to read – to get a copy emailed directly to you, simply complete the short verification form below and it will be sent to you by return.

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